Demonstratie 5-5-2020 Den Haag tegen LOCKDOWN en wetgeving, Demonstration The Hague for FREEDOM

30 Bekeken· 22 Mar 2021
Jorg op Zoek
Jorg op Zoek
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⁣In the (Dutch) media you are told that the 5-5-2020 protest in The Hague was violent and fierce. This is NOT true. We were having a good time and dancing to Bob Marley when the police decided that the protest was over. The goals was to load everybody up and hand out BIG fines. They are trying to change laws and use our fears, DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.
0:40​ stopped by the police by aggresion
1:20​ peaceful protest, dancing
2:10​ the police ended the protest
2:40​ forced to the trainstation to get arrested
4:40​ trying to go home
6:00​ intimidation
6:30​ wise end :)

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